Alcohol & Drug Education

An education program helps individuals discover if they have a problem with alcohol or drugs.
Our program meets one day a week for an hour and a half. The alcohol and drug education class can last from eight to twelve weeks.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Individuals who have been assessed to have an alcohol and/or drug problem that requires more than just an education program.
This program meets one day a week for three hours and lasts from eighteen to twenty-six weeks.

DUI Offender Treatment

For anyone who gets a DUI in Georgia or any other state, and had a clinical evaluation that determined the need for a Level I Treatment Program.
There are 2 types of Level I treatment programs for DUI offenders:
Short Term six to twelve weeks with no less than 18 hours
Long Term four to twelve months with a minimum of eighteen weeks
Each program meets one day a week for a minimum of three hours.


Relapse Intervention Program

For those individuals who have quit drinking and/or using drugs for a period of time and returned back to drinking and/or using again. It is especially geared to those individuals who have failed a drug test.
Our program meets one day a week for three hours and will last from eighteen to twenty-six weeks. It will also be necessary to attend 12 step meetings each week in conjunction with attendance to treatment.

Individual, Group

We offer individual & group counseling to people whose alcohol consumption and/or drug use is impacting their lives.


Cooperative Probation & Parolee Support

We participate in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders on probation and/or parole and believe in communication with their appointed officers to encourage their success.

Drug Screening

We provide observed random drug testing and monitoring to individuals who may have or had a substance abuse problem. We offer rapid drug testing and confirmation.
All of our education and treatment programs involve drug testing.




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