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ASAM Level I Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Individuals who have been assessed to have an alcohol and/or drug problem that requires more than just an education program and for those individuals who have quit drinking and/or using drugs for a period of time and returned back to substance use. 


Alcohol & Drug Education
An education program that helps individuals discover if they have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. 

DBHDD DUI Offender Treatment
For anyone who is convicted of a DUI in Georgia or any other state and has had a clinical evaluation that determined the need for a DBHDD approved Level I Treatment Program.
There are 2 types of Level I treatment programs for DUI offenders:
Short Term- six to twelve weeks with no less than eighteen
Long Term- four to twelve months with a minimum of eighteen weeks
Each program meets one or two days a week for a minimum of three hours.
DBHDD DUI Clinical Evaluations
Anyone who is convicted of DUI in Georgia is required to have a clinical evaluation by a DBHDD approved clinical evaluator. 
Alcohol and Drug Assessments
Individuals who have been court ordered or ordered by probation to have an alcohol and drug assessment. We also offer alcohol and drug assessments to individuals who are concerned about their drug and/or alcohol use and would like to seek treatment. 

Drug & Alcohol Screening
Instant and Lab Confirmation


Other specialized services include:
Individual Counseling-Available for Anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, trauma and substance use disorders.
Mental Health Evaluations-Individuals who have been court ordered or ordered by probation to have an mental health evaluation. We also offer mental health evaluations to individuals who are concerned about their mental health and would like to seek treatment. The evaluation is completed by  Brandie Stern, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 
DOT Evaluations (SAP)-Individuals who have been ordered by the Department of Transportation because they have violated a DOT drug and alcohol drug testing policy. The evaluation is completed by Niccole Campbell, NCACII, SAP
Alternative Behavior Course (ABC)-This course is designed to help clients change maladaptive thinking patterns in an effort to prevent repeat criminal offenses. This course gives the clients an opportunity to take responsibility of their thinking to enable them to change their lives.
Anger Management-This course is designed to help clients learn to identify their anger and how to manage it.  It provides an overview of anger management skills.  It helps clients to identify their anger cues, how to control and restructure their anger.
Shoplifting Impact Program-This course is an education and remediation program for beginning offenders chareged with shopilifting. 


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